Columba the dove


This group of stars was originally part of Canis Major but in 1679, Royer created the constellation of Columba the Dove. It was supposed to represent the dove released by Noah. It was once called Columba Noachi.

For the Observer

Autumn and Winter Skies

Alpha Columba, Phact (5h 38m -34°06') is a 2.6 magnitude class B8 star about 140 light years distant. It is an optical double, with the companion having a magnitude of 11.0.

Beta Columba, Wazn (05h 50m.3 -35°46') has a magnitude of 3.1 and is a class K1 star about 140 light years distant.

Mu Columba (05h 44m.1 -32°19') has a magnitude 5.16 and is a young class O9 star. Mu belonged to the stellar nursery in Orion and probably left that area a few million years ago.

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