Corvus the crow is a small constellation situated beside Crater the cup and Hydra the water snake. One legend connects them all. According to this story, Apollo sent the crow to fetch water for a sacrifice to Jupiter. The crow flew off but got waylaid by a fig tree waiting for the fruit to ripen. Much later, the crow returned to Apollo with a water snake in his claws, claiming it was the snake's fault for the delay. Apollo knew better and for punishment placed the bird in the sky, beside the cup of water. Then Apollo placed the water snake beside them with the task of preventing the crow from drinking.

For the Observer

The Stars of Spring

Beta Corvi (12h31m.8 -23°07') has a magnitude of 2.66 and is a class G5 star about 110 light years distant.

Gamma Corvi, Gienah (12h13m.2 -17°16') has a magnitude of 2.58 and is a class B8 star. It is about 450 light years distant.

Delta Corvi, Algorab (12h27m.3 -16°14') has a magnitude of 2.9 and is a class A0 star. This star is a double star which can easily be seen in small telescopes. The companion is a pale lilac class K2 star of magnitude 8.2. The pair is about 125 light years away.

NGC4361 (12h21m.9 -18°29') is a planetary nebula, magnitude 10.5

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