For the Observer

Southern Circumpolar Skies

Alpha Crux, Acrux (12h23m.8 -62°49') has a magnitude of 0.8 and is a spectrum B1 star about 370 light years distant. It is a bright double star, the companion also being a double. The primary companion has a magnitude of 1.4 and is a class B star. Its companion has a magnitude of 1.8 and is also a class B star.

Beta Crux (12h44m.8 -59°25') has a magnitude of 1.28 and is a class B0 star. It is about 490 light years distant and is more than 5800 times more luminous than the Sun. It is a pulsating variable and has an 11th magnitude companion.

Gamma Crux (12h28m.4 -56°50) has a magnitude of 1.6 and is a class M3 star, 220 light years away. The star is a red giant similar to Antares.

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